news-RMCGF-ekn-screen-300Oliver Captures Third at the Rotax MAX Grand Finals for Team USA

“It was go big or go home in the Final, and Askew stepped up to the task. After the opening lap, the Ocala Gran Prix driver had gained 16 positions to be in the top-15. Lap after lap, Askew continued to gain more spots and in just six circuits, Askew was into seventh and trailed the lead group by 2.3 seconds. It took him another eight laps to eliminate that gap and begin his fight for the podium. Completing lap 19 and receiving the last lap board, Askew made his move for the third position. It stuck and the young Senior rookie held onto the spot all the way to the checkered flag for his first Rotax Grand Finals podium.”

Oliver's amazing performance at the 2014 Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals, aka "The Worlds", saw the talented driver storm from 30th on the Final gris to secure a fine podium position in third place.

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